neon garfield evangelion: the bong creation project


the unearthing of god - circa 5 JAN 2019

WELL.............. i have started to undertake a passion project: the creation.. of a bong with a garfield coin bank my gf and i found at a thrift store. we approached this hunk and she put her hand on my should and uttered the words... "you should make it into a bong." so that's my plan

garfield coin bank placed menacingly on a shelf

im gonna hit my friend up and they're gonna store it for me! im gonna make it at their place too, but im gonna be funding it and building it.

so here's my plan of action!!! i'm gonna snag a pair of diamond drill bits off amazon or a hardware store, drill a hole in him and place a glass downstem, that im gonna get my friend to buy in the name of science, in a phallic position. i plan on obtaining the downstem and bowl BEFORE i drill the hole so i can get a rubber grommet of the right size to keep the downstem, yenno, ACTUALLY in position. i have some sandpaper so i dont have to drop money on that, although i hope it's the right grit for sanding glass. the only thing that worries me is that the grommet is gonna be at an angle, so i'd have to figure out how to cut it so it fits.

at this point, however, i have literally no clue what i'm gonna do with the top. it's a coin slot, and i dont think that's gonna be the best option for breathing smoke out of.

coin slot image

my expected deadline is sometime in march! the only set back is that i dont have amazon prime, so i'd preferably like to get all of the supplies in one order so i can abuse the free trial amazon gives you every year!

fuck capitalism! - brokenseraph

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